When used in this document, capitalized term shall have the meaning assigned to them in this section unless otherwise defined herein:
Authorised Participants: the Ticket Purchaser and the Visitor.
Festival - any event organized by Asociatia Dan Ceplinschi, that is the totality of performing art – entertainment and cultural – in a given period and in a certain area.
Festival Area: any of the locations in Timisoara where the Festival takes place, namely: Regional Center of Affairs, Hotel Boavista, Hotel Check Inn;
GTC – These General Terms and Conditions governing the development of any Festival, available on the Website
Organiser/Salsa Addicted Festival/SAF – Asociatia Dan Ceplinschi (ADC)., a Romanian ONG with registered office in Sag, no. 30, XI str, Timis county, CIF: 27883884.
Participants – all the persons participating in the Festival
Product: items and rights of pecuniary value which may be purchased from Salsa Addicted Festival or other Contracted Partners in the framework of the Festival or in connection thereof.
Pass: a certificate issued in electronic form, verifying a claim for a Wristband at the Festival organized by ADC; Tickets are anonym or nominative. By acquiring the Tickets, purchasers undertake to comply with this GTC, the procedures for the registration of the acquired Tickets, the check-in and Festival access rules and, in general, any other Festival participation rules which are made known to the purchaser by various means, including directly via the Website. The acquisition of Tickets/Wristbands, from other areas than those authorized by the Festival Organiser is prohibited and leads to a restriction of access to such Festival.
Authorised selers: website, partner schools, Ambassadors. All payments are made through our partners. The Organiser guarantees only the validity of the Tickets sold through the networks of these Contracted Partners.
Ticket Purchaser: the person purchasing the ticket for the Festival.
Third Parties: natural and legal persons other than ADC, Visitors or Ticket Purchasers.

By participating in the Festival, the Participants accept and agree to the Organiser’s conditions to control compliance with the GTC. Acceptance of these GTC marks the forming of a contractual relationship between the Authorised Participants and ADC. This GTC are valid for an unlimited period of time. The Participants agree that ADC is entitled to modify these GTC unilaterally, without prior notice to them. If the GTC are modified, the respective modifications take effect immediately upon publication on the Website. ADC notes that the GTC may be modified after Ticket purchase, even immediately before the Festival. ADC recommends that the Participants should monitor the modifications of these GTC.


ASOCIATIA DAN CEPLINSCHI (ADC) obliges that your personal data will be treated in full accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. Any information that we obtain will be used solely for the purposes for which it is intended. All personal information relating to customers and users is obtained and protected in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. Your personal data will not be sold, rented nor transmitted to any entity. You provide your personal information voluntarily for the purposes of processing orders and marketing. You have the right to refuse the use of your personal data for marketing purposes. All user information is strictly confidential and used only when such information is necessary to fulfill our obligations to customers and users. All employees of ASOCIATIA DAN CEPLINSCHI and their partners are responsible for respecting the privacy statements noted above.


When you order your tickets via the Internet you will find a registration form, which has to be filled out completely. Before registering you must read and accept our terms and conditions. After using the ordering form and ordering successfully, you will NOT receive a confirmation of registration via e-mail.


All passes for THE FESTIVAL can be picked up ONLY at the festival office. The organizer will not take responsibility or reimburse any lost tickets. Tickets may not be used unauthorized, may not be copied or changed in any case.
Registration Information
Early, regular, and on-site registration, according to the type of pass, includes as follows:
Addicted Pass: admission to all weekend parties, Social by Day & all workshops.
Social Pass: admission to all weekend parties & Social by Day
At the Festival front office, participants will receive a wristband. Wristbands are non-transferable. Participants are required to wear their Wristbands for the duration of their validity on the wrist or, in exceptional, in another visible place provided that the Wristband cannot be removed without damaging it. Festival organizers will inspect Wristbands at the entrance, at the exit and throughout the entire area of the Festival.
Damaged Wristbands - those re-sealed or severed, whose fastener has been opened, whose diameter exceeds that of the wearer’s wrist or which have been tampered with in any way, etc. - are NOT valid. ADC will not replace damaged or lost wristbands. Participants with Damaged Wristbands lose their right to be in the Festival Area and shall be excluded therefrom.


Any kind of free pass, whether it's won or exchanged, CAN NOT be reimbursed or sold to a second party.

Group Discounts

Schools or organizations sending 8 or more attendees receive a 15% discount on the total price of all tickets. The group discount is available only after the Early Bird sales are closed. The Discount applies to Addicted Pass only. Enter group-discount coupon received from us during registration. All tickets must be purchased at the same time. N.B. Individuals from separate school or organizations may not group together to receive the discount.

Substitutions and Cancellations

Purchased Tickets cannot be returned or replaced. The only replacement option is to upgrade to a higher ticket against payment of an additional amount. You may transfer your registration to another person by notifying us by e-mail, no later than Sunday, March 10, 2024. Your request must include your name and e-mail address as well as that of the person who will now be attending in your place.

If you need to cancel your reservation for personal reasons:
Option 1. If you have purchased a Risk Free ticket and decide to cancel up to March 10th for personal reasons of any kind, you may:
A. inform us by email and transfer the ticket to SAF 2025 or SALSIFICADO 2024 or MAMBOMATIC 2024
B. inform us by email and sell the ticket to another person (until March 17th, 2023)
C. request the full recovery of the value of the price paid for the ticket - less the Risk Free fee in the amount of 50 lei - by a request sent to dan@salsaaddictedfestival.com by March 10th. All refunds for applications made on time will be made until May 1st, 2024.

Option 2. If you purchased an access ticket without the Risk Free option and decide to cancel up to March 10th for personal reasons of any kind, please inform us by email and sell the ticket to another person (until March 17th, 2023).

Accommodations are subject to cancellation policies imposed by the hotels and can be made up to 30 days before the event. For accommodation cancellation please address directly to the hotel.



For ensuring the safe conduct of the Festival, ADC reserves the right to restrict the type of items and devices which may be brought inside the area of the Festival during night. Accordingly, the entrance to the Festival with the following is prohibited:
∙ Any kind of beverages, including but not limited to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks;
∙ Drugs;
∙ Feeding bottles, Cans, Beverage cans;
∙ Fireworks, Pyrotechnic items, Flammable or explosive materials;
∙ Knives, weapons, sharp objects;
∙ Animals;
∙ Any type of objects which may cause injury to other Participants.

Access with the following items is allowed:
∙ Medicines;
∙ Insulin;
∙ Medicinal drops;
∙ Asthma inhaler spray;
Due to the very strict rules concerning prohibited items, persons in charge of Festival safety and monitoring shall carefully search each Participant and any prohibited items found on them upon search shall remain at the Festival entry, cannot be used by the participants and will be destroyed at the end of each Festival day. The Organiser shall not be held liable for any such objects. All participants are advised to read the list of prohibited items and not to carry such items on them in the Festival.


Everything posted on the Website, as well as on various kinds of media in the Festival Areas, such as, without limitation, images, texts, graphics, symbols, logos, databases, etc. shall be the property of ADC and/or its Contracted Partners. All of the above shall fall within the scope of intellectual property laws. Visitors and Third Parties may not use, copy, distribute, publish or incorporate in other documents or materials such markings/information in any form for the purpose of generating revenue without the express and prior written permission of Salsa Addicted Festival and/or and its Contracted Partners.
The images, logos, texts of ADC’s Contracted Partners belong to them (or to ADC, if assigned to it) and are reproduced on the Website or in the Festival Areas with their approval.
During the Salsa Addicted Festival, the organizer is going to film and take photographs of all participants, visitors, artists, etc. Those pictures and videos will be used/published for promotion and advertising reasons (i.e. website, folders, press releases, etc.). Each participant, visitor, artist, etc. agree to the publication of his pictures and videos without any compensation.


Please note that due to the restrictions and the given fire regulations/escape routes in the venue, we are allowed to put 1 Roll-Up/event in special designated places in the building. Please contact the organizers for specific information.
Roll-Ups found anywhere else will be immediately removed and can be picked up at the end of the event in our office.
Posters It is not allowed to put any posters ANYWHERE in the building, and especially not on the walls. Posters we find anywhere else will be removed immediately and the eventual fine will be charged to the event who posted the poster there.
Flyers We will provide you with a large table were your flyers can be displayed in the entrance area of the venue. Please put only one stack of flyers per event. Do NOT put HUGE stacks of flyers, better check regularly and refill. Your flyers will be seen there – guaranteed if they will be well in order. Please follow the following rules in order to avoid a flood of flyers in the garbage cans:
- It is not allowed to put flyers on any tables except the flyer table. Flyers on any other table will be immediately removed.
- It is not allowed to put flyers on the seats of the seating.
- It is not allowed to give out flyers to the people when they are entering the venue. Only give out flyers to those people who are LEAVING the venue (at the end of the workshops, at the end of the parties)


If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this website or your interaction with this website, you can contact us by email found at CONTACT. We usually answer in less than 24 hours. If your problem is of high importance, please call us. My personal number is found at CONTACT.


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