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This SAF, Pop Art Yourselves!

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From quirky to critical, Pop Art in the 1950s and 1960s managed to stand out with a different approach towards life and the daily routine and this is exactly what we are planning to do in 2020.

Get an ordinary flight ticket, come to Timișoara, rent an ordinary room, put your ordinary dance shoes on but be ready for an extraordinary experience: SAF
Feel it, spread the color, the vibe and of course your #SAFisticated techniques in a festival full of amazing artists, perfect DJ's, great dancers, you and lots of fun.

We are different, we are daring and SAF unites us all, so feel free to unfold your creativity and uniqueness every time you get the chance to do it.

Pop Art Yourself and show us that you are irreversibly addicted to the dancefloor...because if you are not addicted...how else?