I never seem to be able to find time to make a post festival comment, but seems like this one is a must!!

Timisoara…simply AWWESOME!! With all those Addicted Salseros and Salseras, 3 nights of non stop good music and good dancing, I mean, NON-STOP!!

Usually music was up and down, one set is good another might not be so, but this weekend was NON-STOP GOOD MUSIC (and thanks allowing for the LIVE PERCUSSION JAM!!) Want to say thanks to the awesome D.J team! (and a special thanks to DJ-WILLY NL for the killing set!)

Then it was these awesome dancers for the NON-STOP GOOD DANCING, to name just a few: Angelo Rito – simply another level of artistry. Frnacesco Scalvenzi, Domenico Casolaro Ochun and of course the rest of the itlien team. Yemambo, como siempre – un placer!! Wesley Small, what a great surprise!! Shems Eddine Sanaa you know it!! Moussa Mke and the rest of the french connection. 🙂 non the less, the Romanian team, (sorry i am really bad at remembering name…old age, you know!!) 🙂

Last but not the least – all my BEAUTIFUL SISTERS:Diliana Karailieva – yeah, you know it!! Valentyna Zazymko – thanks for the awesome dance! Sabrina Jad, Annabelle Judd, Chip…and and and…

Simply put.. we are ADDICTED! see you all next year!