Well, I am back from the one and only SAF in Timisoara.

As one part of the line up, I can understand that u doubt about my words, talking about a festival I am part of 🙂

But since u know me quite direct and ‘speaking-his-truth’ kind of guy, and u also know that I am not like ‘others’ sucking&swallowing to get book whatever it takes, u can trust me, otherwise, I don’t say anything.

Still, there is no point to tell u how good the atmosphere was, how great and talented the line up was, how warm was the romanian hospitality, how they know how to party, how warm the sauna I did (do you see how clever I am describing everything while saying i won’t hahahahaha!)…There is one point for sure:YOU SHOULD COME AND MAKE UR OWN POINT, then will we share points of view 🙂

I just wanna say thanx to Dan and his whole team, to everyone involved in tha weekend from the artists to every single soul in tha house, and thank life as well to give me the chance to keep those moments as memory…

I love u all,