Is an honor to be part of Family of SAF since 4 years..every year we bring here our premiere show…it is always a super big emotion 4 us always great to come back, SAF is our 2nd home…romanian people always hot with us…and all it can be possible tnx to our ‘boss’, and more than a friend Dan Ceplinschi and his infallible stuff! Our really friends not are in italy, where we have to much competition and interest..our friends are around the world, we are always happy to met them, there is always respect end real disinterested love and enjoy…so what add..tnx to all dj’s who played some special music..and sure tnx to all people who came..cause without you..never app.

See u on 2016 SAF

A big and SINCERE hug from Andrea and Maria ♡ we can say again: