What a FABULOUS weekend. Timi (aka Tiramisu / aka SAF) is always one of my favorite events of the year, but this was definitely the best yet.

The energy from everyone all weekend was simply amazing – I felt like I was flying from Willy’s first track on Friday to the moment I finally dragged myself away from the dance-floor at 5am on Monday to jump straight on the shuttle to the airport.

Thank you Dan Ceplinschi and team for creating the perfect environment, and especially for laying a perfect floor which was an absolute joy to dance on. Thank you maestros Humphrey Willemzorg, Romy Gurguiatu, Frankaly Lavoe, Sezar Duran, Willy DJ-Viper and Dj-Mauri Amsterdam for the utterly sublime music. Huge thanks to all my wonderful dance partners who kept a huge smile on my face all weekend, with special mentions to Valentine Douglas, Anna, Jeff Bunagan, Wesley Small and Wenty Barrett who traveled all the way from New York, Miami, Boston, Ontario and LA. Thank you also to all the followers who kept encouraging me to lead, even when you had much better options available! Thank you Magna Gopal for all your support and lopsided hugs – I hope your bday present gives you inspiration when I can’t be there in person to teach you new moves

Thank you as always to the hilarious London crew, especially my lovely ladies, Chris Benson, Annabelle Judd, Martina Petrosino and Danie Street, for inspiring me and making me giggle uncontrollably. Finally, thanks to all my workshop participants – check out the Music Moves group for the track-list and group selfie.