To all the dancers coming from Romania and from all over the world, we welcome you with great joy.


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THURSDAY, 12 April

@ Restaurant Politehnica a.k.a. SAF Venue


The Pre-Party is ON!
How addicted are you? ...well, show up at the preParty and we'll discover that together. Great music will inspire you the entire night and together with some of the artists we'll enjoy a memorable SAF pre-Party - the beginning of a dancey weekend.

DRESS CODE: nop, not tonight!


FRIDAY, 13 April

@ Restaurant Politehnica a.k.a. SAF Venue


The best way to start your SAF?
Be Social by Day and let our atmosphere and the DJs to get you into the unmistakable “we know how to party” mood.
The night is young and so are we! We’ll start "le SAF" at 10PM, but prepare yourself to catch the sunrise while still dancing. 3 different rooms are waiting for you with Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.

DRESS CODE: Flower Power


SATURDAY, 14 April

@ Restaurant Politehnica a.k.a. SAF Venue


La crème de la crème!
Use your time wisely and join #saf spicy workshops held by top internationals. Check out the schedule or use our fancy and easy to use app to be there.
P.S.: Find out why“It’s all about the music” from Rodrigo Cortazar’s workshop.
Restless dancer? Be Social by Day and have a great time in a chill atmosphere with friends.
SHOW TIME brings inspiring artists on stage so make sure you make it on time to the venue. DRESS CODE: Shine your dance!


SUNDAY, 15 April

@ Restaurant Politehnica a.k.a. SAF Venue


Get the best of SAF!
Well, there’s not much to tell about Sunday because we all know that Sunday’s are the best. Be sure you'll be there to enjoy it!
Still not tired after last night? some more ’cos Social by Day is a never ending party!

P.S.: Don’t forget to get your “Music moves” meds from Chip McClure, your "music doctor”.
Let' make the SAF Sunday a EPIC with one hell of a night, ‘cause #weknowhowtoparty !

DRESS CODE: Dots, dots, dots

Note: Schedule subject to change without notice, please check regularly for updates!