1. Go to the tickets page.
2. Chose your Pass

• Addicted
• Social
• Friends for 2
• Couple
See all available

3. Fill in your details

Pay a lot of attention as this information will be linked with your ticket:
• Name
• Email
• Phone Number - in case we need to call you...we won’t, but just in case :)
• Country of residence - just to know from where you attend our event

Each admission ticket is linked with one person´s name and consequently is non-transferable. At the entrance, we verify whether your identity corresponds to the identity on the ticket. Only if there is a match do you get access to the festival. So once again, it is important to communicate correct information.

4. Choose your payment method

• Pay now by Credit Card (There can be made payments using your credit card or your society’s credit card in conditions of maximum safety)
• Pay now by PayPal (In order to pay via PayPal you need a PayPal account)
• Pay partially or totally with Gift Card (depending on what Gift Card you received from your friends
• Pay recurrently (if available)

If you pay now, you get the best ticket price for this period.
If you choose recurrent payment, press the Pay Monthly button and fill in your card details. The first payment will be redrawn in the moment of payment. If you choose Pay now, you can’t go back to the monthly payments.

5. Make the payment by entering your bank card details, pay via your PayPal account.

Check your email and see your order receipt containing details about your payment. This email is the confirmation for booking and paying your pass. No other emails will be sent to you and you don’t have to send other emails to us. N.B. in case you’ve chosen the Direct Bank Transfer, you need to make your payment within 2 working days and send us the confirmation of payment.

6. Keep your confirmation email safe!

In any situation you will be, that email will help you solve it. After purchase, as we mentioned above, you will receive the order confirmation in your email. Keep that email! If your ticket is a gift and you need it right now, write us an email at and we'll help you out.

7. Keep in mind!

Salsa Addicted Festival ticket is strictly linked to one person and therefore has a name linked to it; hence you cannot just give or simply sell your ticket to someone else. Only the person whose name is linked to the ticket gets access to the festival.
Of course, we understand it’s not easy to make long-term plans and unforeseen circumstances can never be ruled out. Therefore you have the possibility to update the name on the ticket after the initial purchase in certain conditions. Check the Terms & Conditions page here. This is the only possible way to transfer or sell a ticket to someone else.

Go to the ticket page NOW.