This is the SAF philosophy!

Meet your old friends or make new ones in an event designed for one purpose:
socializing & dancing...actually, two, but you can do them at the same time


Terry & Cecile

Paris, France

There was no SAF without Terry & Cecile, one of the most socially recognized, demanded, surprising, restless, sensual and dynamic dance couple of the last please don't stop the music!

Rodrigo Cortazar

Veracruz, Mexico

In one word: el maestro del ritmo. Oh, wait, there are 4 words but you can’t simply describe him briefly. A true entertainer, with an overdose of energy and joy, he makes you wanna stand up and dance all night long. Make sure you don’t lose his classes. We promise you won’t regret it.

Bersy Cortez

Malaga, Spain

Probably the hottest dancer that travels the world in this decade, Bersy is a dancer, a model and a professional actress so expect a combination of emotion and motion on the dance floor and during classes. Wait no more and let her seduce you over and over again.

Super Mario

London, UK

Why so serious? He is not Joker but you are going to laugh a lot with Mario during his classes. This evergreen instructor is going to turn your world upside down with his unique techniques, in cross body style and amazing choreography. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Juan Matos

Milano, Italy

Innovation and style brought together by a true artist. Smoothness with a twist of unexpected and a huge dose of talent are waiting for you on the dancefloor. Meet Juan Matos. Always entertaining people, always funny, always himself.

Vanessa Lacedonia

Milano, Italy

Red lips, high heels and a hell of an attitude. Mixing different styles she can be your hip-hop diva, a graceful ballerina or a hot-hot-hot cubana lady. So what are you waiting for? Book her classes and be stunned by her talent.

Gianni & Roberta

Bari, Italy

What does it take to have the perfect recipe for success? Well, you take some Flamenco moves and you mix them with a pinch of Afro-Contemporary, you pour a little elegance from Tap Dance and a twist of Hip Hop swag and you bake them for years in a room full of good vibes. The result? An amazing experience on the dance floor's social time!

Chip McClure

London, UK

Chip is known as a social dancer (leader and follower!) and founder of 'Music Moves', a project which helps social dancers develop their understanding of the music as a way to create joyful, playful connections on the dance-floor.

Tamba & Emanuela

London, UK

An elegant French flavor with a pinch of Italian style, all mixed together with undeniable passion for dancing. Tamba and Emanuela are a combination of technique, energy and knowledge, specialized in their fusion style where they marry Mambo or ChaChaCha with body movements inspired from Afro-Cuban and Rumba. We warn you, don’t hesitate to grab them for a dance!

Samuel FunFlow

Madrid, Spain

You want to meet him but all you can see is his smile. Mixing fun and flow, our handsome guy is going to show you how it’s done. Don’t miss his flavored classes with spicy afro vibes and daring footwork choreography.

Kat & Eddie

London, UK

Enthusiastic energy and passion are the words that represent this fresh couple, who is going to set the stage on fire. With dance running through their veins and the desire to leave you with a smile on your face, they are preparing something big, like they always do.

Salsa Factory

Bucharest, Romania

Elegant, charismatic and full of joy, this guys are going to blow up your mind with their moves. Join us for an exquisite class and let your steps guide you in a brand new story.

George & Liza

Munchen, Germany

This couple is approaching our SAF 2018 with some hot vibes. “Kizomba is so intensive, so passionate, so full of love and harmony (...) not a dance, but it´s a therapy for the soul.” they say and you better trust their words. So pack up some talent and get your moves on ‘cause they are ready to show you how it’s done, dancing till the art burns the soul.

Arnold & Wandaisha

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

There is no place left in the spotlight when those two are dancing together. Side by side or miles apart, they can surely take you in a trip of feeling and emotions till the dawn. If “passion” is your middle name, we strongly recommend you to book their classes.


Social by Day & Social by Night

...this is our only guiding line when we're picking our JOY MAKERS that certainly know how to keep you dancing, day and night


DJ Willy Vip®

Paris, France

Make sure you catch every single beat when this gentleman is in the spotlight ‘cause he knows how to get you in the mood for dancing. With smooth music and a lot of attitude, his music is going to keep you awake all night long.

DJ Romy

Bucharest, Romania

Romy has the special ability to be a mind-reader taking you deeper in the Salsa Addicted story with hot rhythms and an chameleonic list of songs. So fight it no more and surrender to his music.

DJ Patrick "El Clásico"

Geneva, Switzerland

We all know that Patrick is a classic. At SAF X1 he is planning to take you back to a place where old school salsa is at home. Prepare yourself to travel down the memory lane guided by magnetic rhythms and the desire to dance your shoes off.

DJ Martin

London, UK

Can you hear the dance floor calling you? You better answer because staying in line is just impossible. Get your moves on and enjoy the mindless sound of our talented resident Dj. There's no room for couch potatoes so dance, dance, dance!

DJ Tulimar

London, UK

There no way you can sit when this lady is at the Dj table. With awesome vibes and a hell of an attitude she will make you dance on every single song she plays. So put your heels on and be ready to party.

DJ Estelio "El Social"

Volos, Greece

Energetic and full of joy, you may call him the most social man in the Salsa world. His main course is spiced up with Salsa Dura from NYC and his rhythm is remarkable. Also, there is no need for us to tell you that nights with him are worth every pair of shoes.

DJ Morena

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Katja form Ljubljana...also a hardcore dancer, she knows exactly what turns you on on the dance floor and she will make sure you're dancing will get boosted by her magic music!

DJ Saï Saï

Paris, France

Bringing some delightful rhythms DJ Saï Saï is a bomb of energy when he hits the stage. Pack yourself another pair of shoes ‘cause the party ain’t stoppin’ 'till you drop the first.

DJ TarraXXa

Munchen, Germany

From Urban Kizomba to Hip Hop and House, he can play them over and over again without any effort. So ladies and gents, let’s have a night to remember together with this amazing Dj that knows how to make you party.

DJ Andy Kizz

Bucharest, Romania

He is going to be here to contaminate us all with the kizomba virus, so surrender to his rhythms and great vibes on the dance floor. Enjoy every bit of his music, celebrate and let’s get this party rock!


Thank them with a smile for keeping our emotions alive

These guys are responsible for amazing experiences caught into pictures,
long-lasting friendships and a lot of funny moments which gather us at SAF,
over and over again

Cristian & Andreea Mitran

Cristian & Andreea Mitran

Khalid Jalli

Khalid Jalli


Bogdan Bucevschi

George Bufan

George Bufan


Fabrizio Benatti