Welcome to Salsa Addicted Festival

Timisoara, Romania, 3 - 6 March, 2017

Salsa Addicted Festival (SAF) is a first-class international salsa festival for dancers all over the world, bringing you top international and romanian artists, the hottest workshops and unbeatable atmosphere during the parties.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you have over 30 workshops to choose from, more than 40 hours of party, day & night, over 3 days at Salsa Addicted Festival


...and we party as long as you can dance!

  • I don't always do post congress wrap ups, but this time I really have to.
    The 9th Salsa Addicted Festival really lived up to its name. It got me so high that when Monday morning arrived I simply wasn't able to sleep. Seriously, I've been lying here for 4 hours now...

    Sjur Bakka
  • I never seem to be able to find time to make a post festival comment, but seems like this one is a must!!

    Timisoara...simply AWWESOME!! With all those Addicted Salseros and Salseras, 3 nights of non stop good music and good dancing, I mean, NON-STOP!! (more…)

    Winita Tang
  • Finally have the time to write how SUPER AWESOME this weekend was!! Third year at SAF and each time is even better!!! (more…)

    Dora Budic
    Milan | Italy
  • It's Friday night.

    It's been a week, and my soul and feet are still crying out for more... (more…)

    Nera Kraljevic
    Paris | France
  • So many words were said about SAF already.. So I`ll make my story short - I am still wearing my pass!! (more…)

    Valentyna Zazymko
    Kyev | Ukrain
  • Salsa Addicted Festival last weekend was really great!

    After considering to attend this event for several years already, I finally managed to do it. The dancing level was (more…)

    Patrick Steindl
    Vienna | Austria
  • Is an honor to be part of Family of SAF since 4 years..every year we bring here our premiere show...it is always a super big emotion 4 us (more…)

    Maria Lanno
    Naples | Italy
  • What a FABULOUS weekend. Timi (aka Tiramisu / aka SAF) is always one of my favorite events of the year, but this was definitely the best yet. (more…)

    Chip McClure
    London | UK
  • Well, I am back from the one and only SAF in Timisoara.

    As one part of the line up, I can understand that u doubt about my words, talking about a festival I am part of :) (more…)

    dj Willy VIP®
    Paris | France
  • Now I'm in Munich, waiting for my flight to Istanbul, after a great weekend in Salsa Addicted Festival. We noticed that since 2010 Ersin and I didn't go to a festival just for fun. (more…)

    Hande Antalay
    Istanbul | Turkey
  • Still dead at home having traveled back from Timisoara straight from the party...

    What can I say about SAF 2015? Well, it was a %$#@*&! BLAST!!! (more…)

    dj Mauri
    Amsterdam | Netherlands


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