Welcome to 9th Salsa Addicted Festival

10 - 14 March, 2016

Salsa Addicted Festival (SAF) is a first-class international salsa festival for dancers all over the world, bringing you top international and romanian artists, the hottest workshops and unbeatable atmosphere during the parties.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you have over 40 workshops to choose from, more than 30 hours of party over 4 days at Salsa Addicted Festival

  • I never seem to be able to find time to make a post festival comment, but seems like this one is a must!!

    Timisoara...simply AWWESOME!! With all those Addicted Salseros and Salseras, 3 nights of non stop good music and good dancing, I mean, NON-STOP!! (more…)

    Winita Tang
  • Finally have the time to write how SUPER AWESOME this weekend was!! Third year at SAF and each time is even better!!! (more…)

    Dora Budic
    Milan | Italy
  • It's Friday night.

    It's been a week, and my soul and feet are still crying out for more... (more…)

    Nera Kraljevic
    Paris | France
  • So many words were said about SAF already.. So I`ll make my story short - I am still wearing my pass!! (more…)

    Valentyna Zazymko
    Kyev | Ukrain
  • Salsa Addicted Festival last weekend was really great!

    After considering to attend this event for several years already, I finally managed to do it. The dancing level was (more…)

    Patrick Steindl
    Vienna | Austria
  • Is an honor to be part of Family of SAF since 4 years..every year we bring here our premiere show...it is always a super big emotion 4 us (more…)

    Maria Lanno
    Naples | Italy
  • What a FABULOUS weekend. Timi (aka Tiramisu / aka SAF) is always one of my favorite events of the year, but this was definitely the best yet. (more…)

    Chip McClure
    London | UK
  • Well, I am back from the one and only SAF in Timisoara.

    As one part of the line up, I can understand that u doubt about my words, talking about a festival I am part of :) (more…)

    dj Willy VIP®
    Paris | France
  • Now I'm in Munich, waiting for my flight to Istanbul, after a great weekend in Salsa Addicted Festival. We noticed that since 2010 Ersin and I didn't go to a festival just for fun. (more…)

    Hande Antalay
    Istanbul | Turkey
  • Still dead at home having traveled back from Timisoara straight from the party...

    What can I say about SAF 2015? Well, it was a %$#@*&! BLAST!!! (more…)

    dj Mauri
    Amsterdam | Netherlands


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We gather the best artists...

Juan Matos

Milan | Italy

Natural born show man, Juan has a unique and entertaining style of teaching and performing. His dance is complex and it mixes a lot of elements from pachanga to flamenco and afro dances to jazz and contemporary. Always entertaining people, always funny. Meet him again in SAF 2016.

Terry & Cecile

Paris | France

They are part of SAF since the 1st edition and if 2 words would have to describe them, those words would be „dynamic sensuality”. Terry is the "craziest" and restless social dancer I ever met. Together with his beautiful partner Cecile they are bringing social salsa dancing to a different level. Every time!

Carla Voconi

Milan | Italy

With a background in artistic gymnastics and contemporary dance, she is currently one of the main female Mambo dancers and she is renowned for her flavor, passion and her classic and sensual style.

Angelo Rito

Rome | Italy

Angelo Rito dances like himself: complex, smooth and full of surprises. He is able to create a story on every song and a performance from every dance introducing in his dance elements from latin jazz, flamenco, lyrical dance, pachanga, tap-dance, boogaloo, hip-hop, rumba and contemporary. All this in one dance!

Mouaze & Ella

Paris | France

Mouaze is a charismatic entertainer and an excellent teacher. With his exceptional partner Ella, he creates magic on the dance floor. His style, technique and way of teaching have been attracting an ever-growing number of dancers from different countries to his workshops. If there was a dance king, he would be the one, which especially applies to the Cha Cha Cha.

Gianni & Roberta

Bari | Italy

Their professional background includes different styles of Salsa, Caribbean folklore, Afro-Contemporary, Afro-Yoruba Santeria, Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Hip hop, Tap Dance and Flamenco. So, what else do you need to be a complete dancer?

Dr Chip McClure

London | UK

Chip is known as a social dancer (leader and follower!) and founder of 'Music Moves', a project which helps social dancers develop their understanding of the music as a way to create joyful, playful connections on the dance-floor.

Ronie Saleh

Stochkolm | Sweeden

Having a background in Foxtrot and Popping/HipHop/Breakdance, Ronie has developed a new flavor of Kizomba. He's known for his dynamic style & musicality, combining smoothness and attitude, playing with contrasts.

Andrea & Maria

Naples | Italy

Andrea & Maria aka „boss” are a mixture of passion, sensuality and elegance, always dancing, always having fun on stage and off stage as well. They are the sweethearts of SAF.

Erkin & Selin

Ankara | Turkey

Erkin started dancing by taking hip-hop classes in 2007. He discovered the beauty of salsa in 2008 and he started taking jazz classes to expand his salsa vision. Selin began her dancing career in 2002 as a Turkish folk dancer. Selin’s salsa background also includes ballet, jazz and ballroom besides folk dances.

Berkan & Gulden

Ankara | Turkey

You've seen Gulden last year on the dance floor at SAF. She had a lot of fun in Timisoara so she will be back and this time she's bringing Berkan too. They are one of the most productive instructors because they teach, compete, choreograph and perform...and they are doing it together from 2013. And in the mean time, Berkan is organizing Ankara International Dance Festival, the second biggest salsa event in Turkey.


Cluj Napoca | Romania

They are a group of people passionate about salsa. The art of dance motivates them, music guides their rhythm, and emotion inspires them to bring it to you day after day. They seek to share their passion for music and dance with the local and international dance communities through workshops, shows and deejay-ing.

Step in2 Salsa

Brasov | Romania

Probably the best performers from Romania, Edi and Ali always show their passion for their favourite type of dance, Bachata, every time they have the chance to do so. The feelings and emotion shown while they dance Bachata prove both the strong connection that exists between them and the beauty of this type of dance.


Cluj Napoca | Romania

Created in 2009, BailArte are pioneers of salsa competitions in Romania that have refined their technique by learning from the best instructors in the world. Their workshops are renowned for the overflowing joy and positive energy they give to their students and are always praised for their passion and charisma.

Razvan Tocoianu

Timisoara | Romania

With a devoted passion for the Latin culture, Razvan has not only been studying, but also teaching Latin music history for the last couple of years. As member of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing, he studied salsa in London and he is well known for his contribution to the Romanian salsa movement since 2002.

Roberto & Ivana

Bari | Italy

Roberto & Ivana are young couple of Italian dancers from Bari visible lately in the best events from Europe. Their style is based on information gathered from other dances and continuous training in New York

con Sabor

Bucharest | Romania

con Sabor are a group of enthusiasts, whose passions include dancing, music and personal improvement. Together we can change the world and we love to share our experience during the dance classes, workshops and parties!

Love to Dance

Bucharest | Romania

Representing one of the oldest dance schools in Romania (Love to Dance is here for 10 years now) Corina and George are both very passionate about salsa and sensual bachata. Corina teaches and performs on the stage since 2005, and George joined her 3 years ago, bringing an inspired artistic touch to their sensual bachata style, as he is also a singer.

the best dj's to create un unbeatable atmosphere

dj Willy

Paris | France

dj Sezar

Oslo | Norway

dj Frankaly Lavoe

Naples | Italy

dj Romy

Bucharest | Romania

dj Hugo Boss

London | UK

dj Monik

Brasov | Romania

dj Martin

Budapest | Hungary

dj Andu

Bucharest | Romania

...great performers will animate the night

Gaia & Francesco

Naples | Italy

Salsa Factory

Bucharest | Romania

Pantherise Salsa Theater

Budapest | Hungary

Emek & Busra

Istanbul | Turkey

Salsa Picante

Brasov | Romania

Salsa la Vista

Sofia | Bulgaria

...and the photographers will immortalize your priceless moments

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