The most addictive festival of all!

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Timisoara, Romania
10th - 14th March 2016
9th Salsa Addicted Festival

what's new?

ronie saleh

…a new kizomba flavor @ SAF

Having a background in Foxtrot and Popping/HipHop/Breakdance, Ronie has developed a new flavor of Kizomba. His known for his dynamic style & musicality, combining smoothness and attitude, playing with contrasts.

…see you SAF!


SAF = NO smoking event

As a reaction to your responses from the “[SAF]tistaction survey”, starting with 2016, Salsa Addicted Festival is a 100% non smoking event in all areas.We will properly mark a smoking zone downstairs at the SAF venue.

Thank you for your feedback.

…see you SAF!


…new kizomba DJ

We are happy to introduce to you beside DJ Hugo from London, DJ Calo from Lisbon who joined the SAF Dj’s Perfect Crew, and will play kizomba in all 3 nights.


…how addicted are you?

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..see you SAF!

our ‘why’…

Salsa Addicted Festival was born from our commitment to contribute beyond ourselves to the building of a stronger, vibrant, and internationally relevant Romanian salsa community.

our ‘what’…

It’s tempting to point out our 8 years track record for helping to transform the Romanian salsa scene into a better version of itself.

But…this is just the visible part of our story.

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We strongly believe that we provide a both entertaining and educational event to a substantial and diversified group of salsa dancers, establishing meaningful connections with people from all over the world, facilitating collaboration in a passionate, warm and enthusiastic environment while increasing our ongoing desire, and determination to improve our national salsa scene.

our ‘who’…

We are a group of friends passionate for dancing with different professional and personal backgrounds, determined to deliver what we promised ourselves years ago: a human experience unified by salsa music, and movement.

our ‘history’…

We’ve been proud to be part of the major transformation of the Romanian salsa scene in what is recognized today as „some of the best social dancers from Europe”. Since the very 1st edition in 2008 we are bringing in Romania the best Artist, instructors, dj and performers, that can leave an impression in our minds and have an impact in our development as salsa dancers.

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We’ve managed not just to live history, but create it by bringing in SAF more than 90% from the international salsa premieres from Romania. While we are proud of our past, we are enthusiastic about the future of Salsa Addicted Festival, and of the Romanian salsa community.

This is an overview of all Artists that have been part of SAF since 2008 up to date.

Instructors & Performers

Adolfo Indacochea (Peru)
African Jet (Italy)
Afrolatin Connection (Portugal)
AIRE Dance Company (Romania)
Amneris Martinez (Italy)
Ana & Joel Masacote (USA)
Anais Millon (France)
Angelo Rito (Italy)
Andrea & Fabio (Italy)
Andrea & Maria (Italy)
Andrea & Silvia (Italy)
Andrea Ban (Hungary)
Anne Laure (France)
Ansima Ballet Production (Italy)
Augustin Williams (Spain)
Bachata Souls (Lythuania)
Bailarte (Romania)
Barrio Latino (Italy)
Barto & Dina (Hungary)
Beige (Austria)
Brian & Mechteld (Netherlands)
Brian Libier (Netherlands)
Carlo & Anja (Italy)
Chip McClure (UK)
Con Sabor (Romania)
Cuerpo Latino Project (Croatia/Slovenia)
Dan & Cami (Romania)
Depodance (Ukrain)
Dom & Ramark Dance Company (France)
Eddie Torres (USA)
Esther Coves (Spain)
Erkin Kula & Selin Obekci (Turkey)
Falco & Virginie (Spain)
Feeling Dance (Romania)
Fernando & Michela (Italy)
Franklin Diaz (USA)
Fuego Dancers ( Hungary)
Gianni & Roberta (Italy)
Grupo Alafia (Italy)
Guateque (Netherlands)
ImprOn2 (Hungary)
Ioana Chihai (Romania)
João Rocha & Jasna (Portugal)
Juan Matos (USA)
Kaytee (India)
Kizomba Production (Slovenia)
La Sonrisa de Judit (Romania)
Las Caras Lindas (Croatia)
Leon Rose (UK)
Liviu Cretu & Dani (Romania)
Lolita Szabo (Hungary)
Love to Dance (Romania)
Mab (France)
Magna Gopal (USA)
Mania Latina (Romania)
Manuel Mascarell (Spain)
Marco Ferrigno & Natalia Lopez Toledano (Italy)
Marta Khana (Ukrain)
Mira que Locura (Italy)
Mo (France)
Morenasso (Angola)
Mouaze Konate (France)
Mouaze Dancers (France)
Nemanja Sonero & Bojana (Serbia)
Noemie Millon (France)
Nuno & Vanda (Portugal)
Oleg Sokolov (Ukrain)
Palamambo (France)
Pantherise Salsa Theater (Hungary)
Pura Salsa (Germany)
Pusha Petrov (Romania)
Ramon Morales y su Nuevo Imperio (Spain)
Riccardo Recanati (Poland)
Riccardo & Silvia (Italy)
Robert Szemesi & Bojana (Croatia)
Roberto & Ivana (Italy)
Salsa Brillante (Romania)
Salsa Caliente (Romania)
Salsa Encanto (Romania)
Salsa Factory (Romania)
Salsa Friends & Family (Romania)
Salsa Galaxy (Romania)
Salsa Picante (Romania)
Salsa with Attitude (Romania)
Saoco (Slovenia)
Santo Rico Dance Company (USA)
Shani Talmor (Israel)
Step in2 Salsa (Romania)
Street Salseros (Bulgaria)
Tammambo (UK)
Tamas & Veronika (Hungary)
Tania Cannarsa (Italy)
Teddy & Mitko (Bulgaria)
Terry & Cecile (France)
The Melodia Project (Romania)
Tony Pirata (Portugal)
Troy & Jorjet (USA)
Utku & Busra (Turkey)
Vladislav & Anja (Bulgaria)
Vlado & Daniela (Croatia)
Wilmark Academia de Baile (Romania)
YE Mambo (Spain)


Dany (Belgium)
Fernando (Italy)
Frankaly Lavoe (Italy)
Greg (Hungary)
Hugo Boss (UK)
Liviux (Romania)
Martin (Hungary)
Mauri (Netherlands)
Maurizio (Italy)
Michael (Romania)
Miss Sonya (France)
Monik (Romania)
Pierro (Germany)
Romy (Romania)
Sezar (Norway)
Syl (Romania)
Stilo (Hungary)
Willy (France)
Willy (Netherlands)